We all dream of being financially stable and earning good money, but there are circumstances that often stand in the way of this goal. Maybe it’s the shortage of employment opportunities and lack of job security, or maybe your startup isn’t generating the type of money you initially anticipated. Whatever your situation is, currently, there is a growing need for us to consider and create multiple streams of income.

The only problem is finding the extra time from your already jam-packed schedule. Perhaps you have a family to look after or you spend your spare time studying and developing yourself, which is no small feat. So, what’s the solution?

The Internet has emerged as an inseparable part of businesses globally. There are a myriad of legitimate money making options available online to earn extra leisurely from your home. The more you work, the more you earn! The most striking feature is you can do a number of activities simultaneously, rather than sticking to one career option. If you are a Nigerian citizen and planning to launch a startup business in Nigeria, here are some profitable Nigerian business ideas that can help you realise your dreams.

1. Create a Blog: Writing a blog is one of the most lucrative ways to generate income, especially if you are a passionate about writing, and have a mind full of ideas. Choose a subject that appeals to you as an audience and jot down your blog ideas. Creating a blog doesn’t require much technical knowledge and once you refine your skills, your occasional visitors will become dedicated followers. Penning down blogs that suit the current trends or burning issues can captivates attention. The popularity of your blog will ultimately attract various advertisements that generate money, or create leads that can generate new business opportunities.

2. Freelance Writing: Building and maintaining a blog requires frequent time and attention, and you may have to be patient before that money starts rolling in. If this is the case, you should consider freelance article writing for other bloggers and publications to increase your income streams, or to promote your blog.

Big and small enterprises are also keen on hiring ardent writers to promote their goods and services on the Internet and various social media platforms. The companies tend to award articles based on a specific topic that will incorporate keywords associated to the product that they are promoting.

In addition, you could be employed as a freelance copywriter in Nigeria if you have good language skills.

3. Affiliate Marketing: If you know how to sell, you can rake in big money being an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is selling the products and services of a business on Internet websites for money in Nigeria. An affiliate marketer is a helper that leverages the advertising campaign of a business either on his personal website or using other sites such as EBay. You are not the owner of the product, but an Internet marketer. It is the most lucrative method of generating surpluses.

4. E-tuitions: Specialist knowledge is at a premium these days, and mainstream education cannot fill this niche gap. In such circumstances, the trend for e-tuition and webinars builds momentum, and fill this gap. If you are adept in any subject, you can squeeze in a few hours per week to teach students using online mediums. All you need to do is create an account on several teaching portals, or design your personal site or blog so that they have the capabilities to host these teaching sessions.  Webinars are becoming popular amongst university students, and industry specialists who prefer studying from home, and want to keep up to date with any new trends. In this way, you can pocket big gains.

10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money from Home   5. Domains: Trading or flipping domain names are other ways of generating income. You can buy domain names by paying modestly to register a desirable name. You must carry out comprehensive research, and anticipate what website names people will actually want to pay you for. Domain names are sold and bought for plenty of reasons. If you know the techniques, then selling domain names can fetch you a handsome profit. Selling domain names having great marketing value and a ringing reputation will be extremely beneficial.

6. Support services: If you are tech-savvy, you can get paid for fixing web issues or any technical snags that webmasters face at regular intervals. You can offer support services for creating, maintaining and updating a website or repairing any technical issues that may occur in the future.

7. Mobile Apps: Smartphones now play a big part in our everyday lives and this doesn’t look likely to change. How useful is a smartphone without its apps? Not very! So why not develop and sell mobile applications and earn fast money. If you are a tech geek, well versed with technical know-how, you can create some fun apps for businesses worldwide. In order to strengthen the online presence among cell phone users, companies look worldwide for tech geeks to create effective apps for them.

8. Freelance Research: Spending a few hours a day to carry out research work for companies can produce a great deal of income. You get to enjoy the comfort of your home and earn money by providing crucial information to businesses at their request. A freelance researcher can be highly valuable to a company, so there is a great chance you can be re-hired for multiple projects if you do a great job. Payment is generally made on a project basis. If you provide wide-ranging information, you can make big money in a couple of days.

9. Transcription: Transcription can boost your chances of moneymaking, especially medical transcription in Nigeria. Transcribing oral medical prescriptions into written copies is difficult. If you know medical terminology, then doing this job can be extremely profitable. No just medical, today transcribers are required in almost every field you can count.

10 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money from Home10. Social Media Marketing: These days, companies prefer carrying out intense marketing campaigns on social media due to an astonishing consumer presence on these sites. Facebook and Twitter have evolved as new destinations for marketers to bang the drum for the products and services that they are trying to push. It is the process of influencing customers through social media sites. If you have the knack for it, you can earn some good money. The hours you work will be flexible, but the deadlines and targets will be fairly rigid.

Are there any points that I’ve suggested that you have tried? Let us know by commenting below, all comments are welcome!

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