I was recently asked by one of my readers “What IT course should I take in university so that I can earn good money?” My reply was “There are lucrative IT skills you can learn online and start making money now.”

Education isn’t just about getting that degree, it’s about honing skills that will make you desirable in a competitive workplace. These skills should set you apart from the rest or be the foundation of a brand new career.

These days there are no excuses for not learning new skills because the Internet has blessed us with many things, and one of the most important things is the ability to learn online, for free.

There are many skills you can learn online without paying a penny, and you can quickly use these newfound skills to start making money straight away. For example, if you learn coding online, you can start taking freelance projects and make money working from home! Your overheads will be minimal and your profit margin will be huge.

Trends in technology have created career paths that were originally unachievable. There are now millions of job vacancies online and offline that are available if you have the right skill sets. With advances in modern technology, these skills are all accessible from the confines of your home through affordable or free online courses.

The list of lucrative IT skills that you can learn from home is endless. If you are looking for the best IT skills that you can learn from the Internet and begin making money, then you have come to the right place.

10 Lucrative IT Skills You Can learn Online Now

10 Lucrative IT Skills You Can Learn Online Now


HTML is also known as the language of the Internet, and HTML5 is the next step of it. It is what every website you visit is written in, and with HTML5, you can build media that works on every platform- Windows to Linux and iOS as well.

With new websites being created every minute, there is a lot of potential to earn by making HTML5 websites for companies and brands, especially since most of them outsource their web-development work. You can learn HTML5 for free from any site offering free online programming courses like W3Schools, Udemy and begin with simple website development, progressing along as you gain more experience, skills and knowledge.

10 Lucrative IT Skills You Can learn Online Now

iOS Development

iPhones are the ‘must have’ gadgets of the age, and applications for iPhones are all the rage these days. In fact, there are people who make thousands of dollars a month from their mobile applications alone. Swift is the language that you will need to learn for making iOS apps. The average salary of a Swift developer is over $100,000.

There are many free tutorials that you can get online and begin learning this today. However, iOS development takes time to master- but then again, anything that makes a lot of money does require investment in terms of time and skill.


This is a database that is document-oriented, using readable documents in place of the table structure. It is a NoSQL database-, which means it does not need any queries, and is becoming increasingly popular due to this simplicity.

Companies like Foursquare, eBay and Disney among many others are already using it. The MongoDB University is the best place to go to and learn it online for free. It even lets you earn a certificate as you do.

Android Development

Android is still the most commonly used mobile operating system, and iPhone’s biggest competitor. There are many ways to learn Android development. You can get started by downloading Android Studio and following the guides along with it on the website, or start by learning JAVA coding online first.


Hadoop, like MongoDB, is a database that works using big data. While it is difficult to learn in comparison to MongoDB, it is quite powerful and cost effective which makes it a more popular option.

You can begin learning Hadoop from the Big Data University via the Hadoop Fundamentals, offered free of charge. To get an idea of its power, try to realize this- Over 4 million entries were converted into PDFs by the New York Times using Hadoop, all in less than $11 and a total cost of $100.

10 Lucrative IT Skills You Can learn Online Now

PAAS/ Platform As A Service

PaaS, as the name suggests, is a platform that can be used for the development and running of web-apps. The cloud has come across as an effective and popular solution that companies can use for software deployment. For instance, Adobe’s products, like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop amongst many others are now there in the cloud. This means that anyone can use them without downloading them on their own PC. The Google Cloud Platform and Heroku are two popular ways to learn PaaS for free online- though this will require some advanced programming skills.


jQuery is what developers use with HTML to make websites responsive to different user actions. jQuery is a library in JavaScript, simplifying the task of writing scripts for HTML, which consequently makes it easier to add animation and interaction to websites.

Learning JavaScript first is recommended, but it is not a necessity. Knowing the basics of JavaScript will help you learn it faster, and also add another useful tool to your skills the jQuery Track on Code Academy is one of the most recommended sources for learning it.


By definition, Puppet is what you can use for deployment of applications, automate repetitive tasks with simplicity and also manage infrastructure that is in the cloud as well as on-premise. Simply put, Puppet is what can be used to automate virtual and physical systems. Some known companies that make use of Puppet include PayPal, Google, Spotify, Reddit and Disney. Learning Puppet online can be done through the PuppetLabs Workshop.

10 Lucrative IT Skills You Can learn Online Now


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how search engines find various websites on the Internet. Without SEO, it is next to impossible for any website to gain customers and get visibility on the Internet. Companies all over the world are looking for SEO professionals. The beauty of this is that SEO has several different aspects, and has to be done in everything ranging from the website name to its design, meta tags, content and so on. This gives you many things to learn and many areas of SEO you speacilise in. You can start learning SEO by taking a free online class that walks you through the basics.

Social Media

Social Media is what we use every day, and there is no doubt about its power and reach. You can master this skill without learning programming. The skilled and timely usage of Social Media is what companies need to do in order to reach out to their present and potential customers, have a greater reach globally and create brand awareness.

Utilizing the power of social media is not just about money or influence, but about using it smartly and understanding how it works. Social Creators is one of the best platforms that you will find online to learn Social Media.

These skills are not just beneficial to help you start earning, but will also benefit you as you progress in your career. IT proficient people are currently in high demand in every industry and field these days, and with lucrative IT Skills like the ones above, you can learn skills online and start making money now.