In a previous blog post ‘The Importance of Building a Mailing List Database’, I discussed the advantages of building a mailing list database to leverage your email marketing, and how you can effectively use it to your advantage. In this post I will go through some of my tried and tested methods that will increase your email subscriber list.

The Benefits of an Extensive Email Subscriber List
The purpose of email marketing is not only to advertise products by firing out commercial messages via email, but to also solidify your business and customer relationships. But this is not possible if you have nobody to share your message with.

16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber ListThis style of marketing is widely accepted and practiced within the business world as it enables a company to intimately connect with it’s customers, whilst tracking progress in terms of conversion rates and sales. It also brilliantly supports the most crucial purpose of marketing – raising brand awareness and unique selling point. Due to it’s recognised benefits, email marketing is visible and plays a big part in the day to day activities of most businesses. It enables businesses to reach customers in new and innovative ways, but by using the old tried, tested and trusted method of emailing.

How Does it Compare to Other Types of Online Marketing?
Despite continuously searching. I am yet to find a more effective and profitable way of penetrating and monitoring customers’ habits and moods. Email marketing has helped me gain awareness of future market trends and customer behaviours, so that my future products and marketing strategies are tailored to suit them. Through this, I then have a better chance of converting my message in to profit.

Most startup businesses in Nigeria rely on email based marketing strategies to create a niche in the world of business. Additionally, entrepreneurs in Nigeria see email marketing as a effective way of promoting a product, because of it’s simplicity and cost. The personal touch associated with email marketing is one of it’s biggest selling points. Whilst most modern communication platforms fall behind when it comes to personal engagement, email marketing is an incredible way to personally connect. This has created a resurgence in email marketing, which in turn has given a new impetus to online business in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

If you work for or own a business in Nigeria, the likelihood is that you have an email accounts. But the only thing that differs is our contact list. A powerful marketing strategy requires a great network, and a engaged subscriber list.

Having an email list of thousands of people is an ideal situation as it allows you to easily send your message to a mass of people instantly. Imagine how much time would be wasted if you had to approach each person directly to give them your message. A large list gives you leverage. Businesses that have large lists have the power to share their email list with potential joint venture partners. Having a large list also makes it easier to convert sales fairly quickly through trial and error processes.

So how do you get to this point? Here are some tips that I’ve picked up that have helped me successfully grow my email subscriber list:

1. Your words are your identity. Create compelling content that engages with your audience. Needless to say, your words should be riveting enough if you wish to have an extensive subscriber list. Once the subscribers start to flow you must be organised in maintaining your email contact list.

2. Test the words you use as they have a big impact on your subscription rates. What words do you use, and how do you phrase them in your headings, content or call to action button? This is something that you will only find out by experimenting and testing to see what works for you and your audience.

3. You can collect email addresses offline. Are you a member of any networking groups, or, are you planning to visit a trade show or industry conference? Collect email addresses from people you meet and import them into your database. Make sure you send your new contacts a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your list.

4. Urge your current email subscribers to share your emails and newsletter by including social sharing buttons and an “Share With a Friend” button so people in their network can sign up to your list. Include a “Subscribe” link in your emails so those receiving the forwarded emails can easily opt-in.
16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List


5. Use Lightbox/Popup Forms. Some people love them, and some hate them. The main thing is that they work. You have all experienced these when visiting your favourite sites. It’s that irritating popup that jumps out and asks for your email when you are trying to read a post.

Popups can be very useful and every marketing guru swears on their effectiveness. I originally stayed away from using these, but the key is to make it as easy for your visitors to navigate away from the popup if they chose to.

16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List


6. Add signup options to your social media accounts. Most social media sites allow you to easily add a newsletter signup option on your social network page. Facebook has many third-party apps that enable you to add custom tab options, such as an email signup.

7. Be consistent with the days and the amount of mail outs you send. Inconsistency can cause you to loose subscribers. If you promise to send weekly updates but then decide to send updates three times a week. You run the risk of losing subscribers quickly.

16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List


8. Use social media to attract new subscribers to your list. Mention call-to-action on your social media pages and drive audiences straight to your inbox. Custom tabs on Facebook and Twitter allow you to build a powerful communication network.

9. Instant offer for first-time subscribers. Try offering an instant incentive for becoming a newsletter subscriber. For bloggers the most common one is a free eBook or a discount voucher for whatever products are on sale or being promoted at that time.

10. How about a competition or free giveaways? Yes, online contests are obvious and a less subtle way to increase your email list. Running online competitions with prizes can generate a lot of attention from your fellow bloggers and increase exposure to a new audience.

11. Ask people who have commented on your website or contacted you to sign up to your mailing list. If someone has made the effort to comment on your blog or contact you through your website it means that they are interested in what you are offering. So it won’t take much to encourage them to join your list.

16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List


12. A Facebook business page can be utilised to develop your subscriber list by introducing an offer that demands email submission first. Moreover, offers must be promoted on timeline, and regular updates must be given in order to attract the attention of users and compel them to like and share your content.

16 Top Ways to Increase Your Email Subscriber List14. Add testimonials from happy subscribers. This builds trust. People are more likely to sign up if they see a testimonial from a happy customer in a similar position. Using testimonials in your opt in boxes can rapidly increase your conversion rate.




15. To attract more subscribers, transform your company’s YouTube channel by mentioning the URLs, call-to-action and email submission section below the videos.

16. Tell people what they are missing out on. Use your ability to promote your blog to make people feel that they are missing out. Use Twitter, Facebook and any other social media account you have, to share exciting snippets of material to persuade people to discover more and ultimately signup as a result.

What has worked for you to increase you subscription rates? Will you implement any of the above?