business plan

I offer a complete business plan writing service for small and medium size businesses. My team of Business Plan Consultants appreciates the budgetary constraints faced by small and medium sized businesses.

Our overheads are low so I have the ability to pass on this benefit by way of very competitive rates. Our Business Plan Writers have over 10 years experience in writing business plans.

We offer business plan templates, and also create bespoke business plans.

Business Plan Writing Packages: All our Business Plans can be written for either Start-up or Existing businesses. We gather information through ongoing discussions in order to obtain a detailed understanding of your business through completion of an in-depth Questionnaire.

A business plan is like a blueprint for business success, it’s a document that helps you identify your core concept, your goals, strategies, possible threats or weaknesses and competitive advantage among other aspects of business that help you start and run your business profitably. Usually, it consists of 25-30 pages and it`s goal is to cover all important aspects of you business.

A typical business plan consists of:
Executive Summary,
Business Description,
Market & Competition Analysis,
Milestone Schedule,
SWOT Analysis,
Marketing & Sales,
Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, CashFlow Statement, & Income Statement,
Schedules like Capital Requirement and Usage of Funds, Break Even Analysis, ROI, Future Profits, etc

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