5 Best Social Media Tools for Social Growth and Productivity

Social media marketing is now a very important element of any online marketing strategy, but to be successful you need the best social media tools. There are many social media tools that you can use

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How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria

Have you ever considered starting a laundry business in Nigeria? Would you do my laundry if I paid you generously? Before you start thinking about it, let’s cover some basics in entrepreneurship before we move

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Top 25 Tools for Building a Profitable Online Business

There are all kinds of tools to help the online entrepreneur build and maintain a healthy and profitable online business. Some tools are “mechanical” in that they are hardware or software-based. Other tools are less

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How to Identify Lucrative Business Opportunities in Africa

How do you identify business opportunities in Africa? Africa, with its 54 different countries and approximately 1.07 billion people is described as resource rich and population poor and yet economic growth is happening. Industry experts

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Top 10 Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Africa is an economically emerging nation, and Nigeria is one of Africa’s emerging economic leaders. Nigeria’s population of approximately 170 million people also makes it the most populous African country. This means that there is

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10 Essential Pieces of Business Advice for African Entrepreneurs

Imagine that you are a successful entrepreneur who has been asked to share some of your experiences and business advice with aspiring young African entrepreneurs. While the request is flattering, it can also be daunting

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Travel and Tourism in Nigeria: Nigeria’s Tourism Industry is Growing

Name: Jacquelyn Esho Name of Company: Motherland Events Country: Nigeria “Africa is the best untold secret.” This is the opening quote that greets you when you enter the website of Motherland Events. 22-year-old Jacquelyn Esho

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Creating Accessible Mobile Banking in Africa with Pythias

Name: Andrew Kamau Name of Company: Pythias (formerly Ent-Mobile) Country: Kenya Ent-Mobile has recently launched their new product Pythias, which is briefly described as “Unstructured human conversation on social and mobile - converted to actionable

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African Leaders of Distinction are Key to the Continents Future

With Africa at one of the most pivotal times in her history, it is critical Africa’s youth are taught, coached and equipped on what leadership is and why it is critical to become a leader

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