Is binary options legal in Nigeria? Pros and Cons of this profitable market

There is a market of people interested in binary options in Nigeria. This blog post is here to help you learn the basics of binary trading; the dos and don’ts, the rules and regulations and

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Create Simple Payment Solutions for African Businesses – LipaPlus

Name: George Ndeeri Name of Company: LipaPlus Country: Kenya Ever had that moment when your customer wants to pay using their card but can't because you 'only take cash'? If so, you must be wondering

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How to Start Your African Business

Starting a business in Africa is much like starting a business in any other country.   It takes a vision, a plan, funding, paperwork, materials and resources, marketing, and follow-through.   This may sound overwhelming but keep

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Fintech in Africa: Innovative Solutions for Finance

Name: Josephat Njui Name of Company: Shield Finance Country: Kenya Shield Finance is a Kenyan Payday lending tech startup. Shield finance allows employees to access loans directly into their mobile phones and mobile money accounts.

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5 Effective Steps to Achieve Financial Success

As entrepreneurs our financial and emotional well-being are often tied up in the performance of our ventures.  Entrepreneurial ventures offer no guarantees, so when there are financial highs and lows, our emotions often jump on

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How to Successfully Finance Your Business

“Nigerian business is booming”, “Nigerian business is growing”, these are comments you will see daily in international news, or in any Nigerian news portal.  But then, on the other hand, I get asked by a

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