The Importance of Building a Mailing list Database

Is email marketing dead? Certainly not! For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25 (Source: emailexpert). This outperforms any other marketing channel that I’m aware of. Since the creation

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Building An Engaged Audience Through Social Media

This is a guest blog post by Haydn Symons, who is a blogger, business owner, freelance illustrator over at INFOart Blog which provides business tips and tricks to entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers all over

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Top 10 Affiliate Programs To Profit from in 2015

I get asked a lot of questions on ‘Affiliate Marketing’, so I thought I’d write this piece for those who want to know more about it. I started putting together this blog as we got

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5 Steps to Developing an Effective Business Network

What is Business Networking? Business networking is a low cost method of marketing.  It is used to build new business contacts through connecting with other like-minded individuals.  The benefits of business marketing are that you

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Unique Selling Point

What is your unique selling point? What makes your company unique and different to your competitors? This is an important aspect of a business that is almost forgotten by business owners, but customers love. Identifying

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Choosing the Perfect Company Name

How important is a name?  The answer is, Very important! “What’s in a name?”  In business, your name is the first part of the customer experience.  The customer is likely to encounter your name, before

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