The first step to creating content or writing blog topics Nigerians love is to ask yourself “what are people struggling with?”

If you are a content writer or digital marketing specialist, I believe this conversation should sound familiar to you.

It goes like this:

Client/Boss: “Caroline, since you say blogging will make our company website rank higher in Google search and help to increase leads/sales, we want you to handle that task, because my staff is busy at the moment.”

Me: “Fine, do you have any blog topics in mind that your prospects care about?”

Client: “I have no clue, you’re the expert. Just use your initiative, but make sure it delivers great results.”

At the beginning of my digital marketing career, identifying and writing blog posts that my client’s audience cared about was my biggest challenge.

This was because I knew absolutely nothing about my client’s industry and what their prospective customers were interested in reading.

Sometimes, just typing a keyword phrase in Google couldn’t help my situation.

As a result of this, the content I wrote ended up getting read by me and my client’s staff alone.

Nobody cared to read my boring articles until I discovered Nairaland, which is Nigeria’s popular Question & Answer forum.

How I Use Nairaland To Create Blog Topics Nigerians Love to Read is a forum where Nigerians with real life problems go to seek a solution to their problems by asking questions on any topic. Essentially, this is what your blog posts should be trying to achieve, especially if you want to create blog topics Nigerians love.

That’s where I make my clients waltz into the conversation as experts with solutions to their problems.

I’ll show you how in a bit.

How did I discover Nairaland forum as a great content mining tool? And how did I leverage it’s content to help me create blog topics Nigerians love.

One fateful day, I went on and typed in a couple of my client’s industry keywords (he’s in the freight forwarding industry) and discovered that Nairaland was ranking on the first page for most of those keyword terms.

I also noticed that each time I searched, Nairaland’s headlines started with a question:


“How can I?”

“Where do I?”

“What can I?”

I filtered search results again using this search phrase for a client in the freight forwarding industry: “how do I” AND “import Nigeria” “what can I” AND “export Nigeria” “what can I” AND “import Nigeria”

And this was what I got:

How can I import goods from China?

“What can I import to Nigeria?”

“Which exportation business can I start with N100,000?

Blog Topics Nigerians Love

My first thought was…

“I can create tons of juicy blog posts out of this thing!”

From that onwards, my problems were solved.

So, I went to work.

I bombarded my client with questions like a journalist and he answered each one to the best of his ability.

With the amount of information I got from him and his sales team, I wrote blog posts.

Blog Topics Nigerians Love

The result?

My client’s blog quickly ranked high on Google local search for buyer-intent keywords. What this means is that online searchers who were ready to buy found his blog posts, trusted him as an expert and took action immediately

Their phone lines and emails were buzzing with orders from customers who found them via Google search.

Their blog got listed by an authority blog as one of the top 50 freight forwarding authority blogs in the world.

My client stopped spending money on traditional advertising (i.e. posters, newspaper ads, radio, etc.)

Amazing isn’t it?

Now, let me also share my own case study…

I saw a question on Nairaland concerning where to get stock photos.

After reading the conversation on that thread, I rushed off to do a thorough research on stock photo sites.

Blog Topics Nigerians Love

I wrote a blog post on the topic titled: 12 Websites Where Nigerian Marketers Can Find Stock Photos

Now I didn’t stop there.

I went back to the Nairaland forum, and found that same Nairaland thread and placed a link back to my blog post with a comment and call to action on that thread, telling Nairalanders to find the answers.

This singular action drove daily traffic back to my website.

The result?

I immediately ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase:

“Nigerian stock photo”

Check out the screenshot image below:

Blog Topics Nigerians Love

If I guessed correctly, you must be asking yourself: “Can this content marketing hack work for my industry?”


According to Hubspot, a study showed that companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t? Blogging is the best way there is to reach your target audience with the useful, educational information they’re out there looking for. Not to mention how much it helps your search rankings.

Now you’ve heard it from the experts’ mouth.

Google loves companies that blog and regularly release great content. SIMPLE!

If you help Google, they will reward you with a daily supply of eager customers and buyers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the Real Estate, Coaching, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Construction, Beauty or Plumbing industry.

Over 70 million Nigerians are searching for information on Google right now.

It’s time for you to educate and convert them into buyers through your blog.

It’s time to get your share of the internet money!

I hope you learnt a great deal from today’s lesson on taking your business blogging to the next level and building your brand?

Your Turn:

I want you to take this action right away.

Go to Google and search for questions on your industry using this search phrase “what can I” or “How can I” AND “insert industry keyword”.

Once you’ve seen an interesting question that you can answer, go and write a blog post on that topic.

What are you waiting for? Go and create those blog topics Nigerians love to read!