Name: Chidimma Nwankwo

Name of Company: PoshRite

Country: Nigeria

PoshRite is a new online platform for African beauty enthusiasts and professionals to explore, create and connect. The platform aims to help African women unlock their true beauty with useful tools, tips and resources in an interactive atmosphere.

The platform is described by founder Chidimma Nwankwo as a “girlfriend on-the-go,” PoshRite also provides women with information about top African beauty products and services available for purchase in their neighbourhood or internationally. Payment can be made from the comfort of their homes or while on the go with their mobile devices and computers.

Get African Beauty Tips Online with this New Platform - PoshRite

Get African Beauty Tips Online with this New Platform

Joseph – Can you describe Posh Rite, the idea and concept as if I knew nothing about it or the market?

CHIDIMMA – PoshRite is an online African beauty social network that allows beauticians to organise, manage and share their beauty services so that their existing and potential clients can find them.

Currently there is no managing tool for beauticians in Nigeria and Africa as a whole so they are currently writing appointments down on paper or using WhatsApp to communicate with their clients. So what we’ve done is to create one space for beauticians to share their schedule, manage appointments, their portfolio and give their clients an opportunity to give reviews.

PoshRite is more then just a beauty management platform it’s an African beauty online community of girlfriends sharing information about beauty products for black women, African beauty tips, photos and videos.

Joseph – Can you describe your Eureka Moment when the idea of starting a social network for beauty enthusiasts came?

CHIDIMMA –The eureka moment happened when I moved from Boston MA to Washington DC and couldn’t find a stylist.

I was like, how in the world are their millions of beauticians but there is no where for me to find them. Of course Google exist but I wanted to feel like I knew my beautician and I just wasn’t getting that.

I had another moment when I Googled beauty and didn’t see one image of a black women. It shocked me because black women are beautiful and we are the largest consumers of beauty products, but there is no proper representation of that anywhere so I wanted to build a beauty community for black women and promote African beauty by sharing their beauty as a way to empower them, and show the world what African beauty is.

Joseph – What steps did you take immediately to transform your idea into a viable business?

CHIDIMMA –The steps I took were drastic. At the time I was at Howard University studying public relations and had no minor.

I had so many ideas of what I wanted the site to look like but had no way to illustrate it. So I literally changed my minor to graphic design so that I could make my ideas come to life. I also started interviewing women about their beauty experience where ever I was and asked them what was missing and that is how I essentially made PoshRite.

Joseph – How did you raise your startup Capital?

CHIDIMMA –We raised the initial $5,000 to build the site from a donation from my mother who believes in me sometimes more then I believe in myself. I also had my own money saved up.

Joseph – What business lessons have you learnt so far?

CHIDIMMA –Nothing will go to plan, so instead of stopping because you don’t understand what’s going on, keep going. In business you have to be flexible and adaptable.

Get African Beauty Tips Online with this New Platform - PoshRite

Joseph – What challenges have you had to overcome to reach this stage?

CHIDIMMA –Some challenges that I’ve had to overcome to get to this stage are to understand that I’m not superwoman. At times I often wish I was, but I’m not.

Because I understand this I’m able to ask for help and build a strong team around me who can support my weaknesses. It also leaves me humble because I take feedback from everyone because I honestly believe that when you understand that you know nothing that you truly know everything, which is the secret of life most people don’t share.

Get African Beauty Tips Online with this New Platform - PoshRiteJoseph – What benefits do your beauty enthusiasts gain and what has been their feedback?

CHIDIMMA –We are currently beta testing the site and the people who have tested the site love it. They enjoy viewing content of women who look like them.

Through the feedback my team works around the clock to optimise the customer experience, and make sure that the site is populated with great content until we are able to grow our user base that will naturally generate the content.

Joseph – How do beauty professionals and brands earn money by using your platform?

CHIDIMMA –Currently the site is free to use but we’ll be deploying our payment gateway that allows clients to pay for their appointments on the go. The beautician will then be able to make money from appointments booked through the platform and well make money from taking a small commission.

Joseph – What are your opinions on the African Entrepreneurial space and what are your predictions for the future?

CHIDIMMA –I’m new to the African entrepreneurial space, I just moved from the States 3 weeks ago to Lagos to launch the site, but being a part of Demo Africa 2015 has helped a lot in my transition.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of influential people in the tech and investment space so it’s made it easier. I’m also a go out and get it type of girl, so I’ll spend a lot of time networking and leveraging those connections into potential business partners.

Joseph – At My Naija Niara, we yearn to see African business grow, where are we seeing Posh Rite in few years to come

CHIDIMMA –You’ll see PoshRite all over the world. Beauty is universal and we plan to create and connect beauty communities all over the world. This is only the beginning for us!

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