Top 10 Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Africa is an economically emerging nation, and Nigeria is one of Africa’s emerging economic leaders. Nigeria’s population of approximately 170 million people also makes it the most populous African country. This means that there is a tremendous consumer base for services and products of nearly every imaginable sort, which is great news for Nigerian entrepreneurs

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10 Essential Pieces of Business Advice for African Entrepreneurs

Imagine that you are a successful entrepreneur who has been asked to share some of your experiences and business advice with aspiring young African entrepreneurs. While the request is flattering, it can also be daunting no matter how successful you are. Africa is an emerging continent with resources and opportunities waiting to be identified and

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Online Gadget Repair in Nigeria | RepairAm

Name: Ayobami Onibokun and Demola Odebode Name of Company: RepairAm Country: Nigeria It is no secret that the repair process for consumer gadgets has always been a big problem in Nigeria, particularly when it comes to concerns of data confidentiality, trust, and the grade quality of the replacement parts being used. This clear problem presented

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Travel and Tourism in Nigeria: Nigeria’s Tourism Industry is Growing

Name: Jacquelyn Esho Name of Company: Motherland Events Country: Nigeria “Africa is the best untold secret.” This is the opening quote that greets you when you enter the website of Motherland Events. 22-year-old Jacquelyn Esho is the creator and founder of Motherland Events. After earning her degree in Interior Design from the University of Arts

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Teenage Nigerian Entrepreneurs Create Critically Acclaimed Web Browser – Crocodile Browser

Name: Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime Name of Company: BluDoors Country: Nigeria Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime are brothers, and the teenage Nigerian entrepreneurs who built the new web browser – Crocodile Browser Lite’. Amazingly, the two brothers taught themselves to code and build their first mobile web browser. Anesi and Osine were only 12 and 14 when

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Get African Beauty Tips Online with this New Platform – PoshRite

Name: Chidimma Nwankwo Name of Company: PoshRite Country: Nigeria PoshRite is a new online platform for African beauty enthusiasts and professionals to explore, create and connect. The platform aims to help African women unlock their true beauty with useful tools, tips and resources in an interactive atmosphere. The platform is described by founder Chidimma Nwankwo

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Fintech in Africa: Innovative Solutions for Finance

Name: Josephat Njui Name of Company: Shield Finance Country: Kenya Shield Finance is a Kenyan Payday lending tech startup. Shield finance allows employees to access loans directly into their mobile phones and mobile money accounts. The startup recently booked its place in the DEMO Africa competition that was held in Lagos, Nigeria in September 2015.

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How to Provide Accessible Online Audio Book Publishing in Nigeria – Talking Bookz

Name: Kolapo Ogungbile Name of Company: Talking Bookz Country: Nigeria Founded by Nigerian entrepreneurs Kolapo Ogungbile and Damilola Aransiola, Talking Bookz is one of the 1000 startups that will participate in the highly acclaimed Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. Talking Bookz CEO, Kolapo Ogungbile is quoted as saying “TalkingBookz seeks to disrupt the traditional book publishing

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Creating Accessible Mobile Banking in Africa with Pythias

Name: Andrew Kamau Name of Company: Pythias (formerly Ent-Mobile) Country: Kenya Ent-Mobile has recently launched their new product Pythias, which is briefly described as “Unstructured human conversation on social and mobile - converted to actionable and quantifiable data.” Sounds great, and from the buzz that it’s creating it must be great, but you might be

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