Using Innovation to Progress Educational Technology in Nigeria

Name: Chizaram Ucheaga Name Of Company: Mavis Computel Country: Nigeria Mavis Computel Limited started operations in 2007 and currently has about 16 investors/shareholders. The company’s primary product is the Talking Books™, which began to be developed in 2011. The Talking Books™ are interactive, audio-visual tools that make both teaching and learning very simple, motivational and

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Find any Car Parts in Nigeria with

Name: Bayo Balogun Name Of Company: Country: Nigeria Bayo Balogun is a former graduate from Lagos State University and the Director of Operation for Mr. Balogun is known for his vast ICT experience and expertise in multi-platform environments ranging from Mainframes, Midrange AS400, Unix, Novell, Microsoft, LAN/WAN to database and ERP deployment environments

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Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award Announce 2015 Nominees

As official media partners of the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award 2015, it gives us great please to announce that the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award have announced their 2015 Nominees. Entrepreneurs are the corner stone of the economic prosperity in developed countries. Nigeria however; being the strongest economy in Africa is on the verge of an economic revolution. Nigeria Entrepreneurs

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African Leaders of Distinction are Key to the Continents Future

With Africa at one of the most pivotal times in her history, it is critical Africa’s youth are taught, coached and equipped on what leadership is and why it is critical to become a leader of distinction. What is leadership? Leadership is bringing people into new realms of excellence and challenging them to become distinguished

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Beat Lagos Traffic with this Nigerian App – BeatTraffik

Name: Odionye Confidence Name Of Company: Beat Traffik Country: Nigeria Odionye Confidence is part of a new breed of young Nigerian tech entrepreneurs who are paving new paths, and shaping the new Nigerian tech landscape. The second son of his family, he attended Nigeria’s highly regarded Yaba College of Technology. His time at Yaba gave

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Top Ten Tech Companies in Ghana

Ghana is a country that is rich in natural resources, regardless of this, Ghana is setting the pace in the world of tech business and is exhibiting to the world the rich minds that she has. As technology becomes ingrained in the daily activities of Africans and consequently becomes a necessity for the average African,

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Top Tips for Young Entrepreneurs Networking in Nigeria

Nigeria’s landscape for small businesses is starting to change thanks to young African entrepreneurs who are taking the steps to secure their future with a business of their own. In 2014 alone the number of businesses registered in Nigeria grew rapidly with thousands of startups listed by the end of 2015. This has a lot

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Interview: Tom Osborn – The Future of Clean Energy in Africa

Name: Tom Osborn Name Of Company: GreenChar Country: Kenya As the globe is at its peak on discussions on climate change and its evolution, it is heart-warming and inspiring to see young Africans focusing their energy to create sustainable clean energy in Africa. Based in Kenya, Tom Osborn is part of Africa's new breed of clean

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Interview: David Asare Asiamah – The Rise of African Agriculture

Name: David Asare Asiamah Name Of Company: Agro Mindset Country: Ghana David Asare Asiamah is the founder of Agro Mindset. He is a farmer, an entrepreneur and a development conscious professional. When speaking to David you instantly notice his switched-on strategic vision, values, and fresh approach to promoting agriculture. As a true leader he has and

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