How to Import goods from China to Nigeria and Make Millions

The first successful businesses that I ran was an online eBay store selling sports clothes. You might be wondering how was it so successful because everyone sells sports clothing online. The business was so successful because I had a niche, and a reliable supplier. My niche was selling limited edition trainers, t-shirts and jackets, which

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Interview: Stephanie McLean – The Rise of African Fashion Designers

Name: Stephanie McLean Name Of Company: Trendy Treat Country: USA Fashionista, law graduate and lifelong lover of travel; launching Trendy Treats which is a lifestyle portal is perhaps an unexpected path for someone who holds a law degree and a Masters in Real Estate Development from Columbia University. A lifelong Jetsetter, whose adventures have taken her to

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20 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start in Nigeria with Low Capital

Since publishing my blog post – “Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira” I’ve been inundated with messages and comments asking questions such as “what business can I start with little capital?” and “I don’t have much savings but I want to start a business.” Through this blog post I’ll answer

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Interview: Saif Rahman – How to Launch a Succesful Video Content Startup

Name: Saif Rahman Name Of Company: Mobile First Entertainment Country: USA Saif Rahman is a tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Mobile First Entertainment.  A company that can boast to being  the first company to create FREE video apps for content producers.  Saif conceived this idea through the belief that people who create video should have more

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Interview: Onyi Anyado – How to Become an African Entrepreneur of Distinction

Name: Onyi Anyado Name Of Company: Onyi Anyado Media House Country: United Kingdom Onyi Anyado is the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House and is a multiple-award winning Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker, Life Coach and Author. Onyi has lived a very dramatic life, which he calls, ‘From Detention to Distinction’. This life involved being raised in a single parent

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Interview: Trevor Wolfe – Creative Crowdsourcing in Africa

Name: Trevor Wolfe Name Of Company: Springleap Country: South Africa Springleap is an online crowdsourcing platform that connects brands to a community of 22,000 creatives for design projects. Founded in Cape Town, the company has expanded its offices to New York City and Johannesburg as it prepares for a new push into pan-African markets. Trevor

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Interview: Henri Nyakarundi – How to Create an Energy Solution Business in Africa

Name: Henri Nyakarundi Name Of Company: African Renewable Energy Distributor - Smart Solar Kiosk Country: Rwanda The essential element of creating a successful and sustainable business is to provide a solution to a problem. This is exactly what Henri Nyakarundi has managed to achieve with his Smart Solar Kiosk. The native Rwandan is the Founder of

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5 Simple Strategies to Beat Your Competition

So, you’ve been working nonstop from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week, but you still can’t keep up with your competition never mind beat them. The good news is you’re not alone. What does it take to beat your competition? Is it passion, perseverance, a strong mind or a tendency to do what has

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Interview: Christian Ngan – How to Launch an Innovative Business in Africa

Name: Christian Ngan Name Of Company: Madlyn Cazalis Country: Cameroon An entrepreneur, businessman, financier in Cameroon and owner of Goldsky Partners and Madlyn Cazalis Group; 31-year-old Christian Ngan is a personality that inspires other African entrepreneurs to believe that we can create innovative products in Africa, take them to the global market and be successful. To add to his

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