Name: Ayobami Onibokun and Demola Odebode

Name of Company: RepairAm

Country: Nigeria

It is no secret that the repair process for consumer gadgets has always been a big problem in Nigeria, particularly when it comes to concerns of data confidentiality, trust, and the grade quality of the replacement parts being used. This clear problem presented an opportunity for Nigerian entrepreneurs to present a viable solution for gadget repair in Nigeria, so now gadget-repair solutions are making their way into the Nigerian market.

One of the first companies to offer online gadget repair in Nigeria is RepairAm. RepairAm is an online platform designed to benefit customers by allowing them to get the most effective and efficient gadget repair solutions.

Ayobami Onibokun and Demola Odebode are the founders of RepairAm, which is a product of their flagship company NerdBevy Limited.

Through, they aim to provide a first class customer experience from beginning to end.

We catch up with the RepairAm guys to discuss all things entrepreneurship in Nigeria, online gadget repair in Nigeria and revolutionising the technology market in Nigeria.RepairAm | Online Gadget Repair in Nigeria

RepairAm | Online Gadget Repair in Nigeria

Terser – Can you describe, the idea and concept as if I knew nothing about it or the market?

RepairAm – RepairAm is an online gadget repair service. We help you the customer fix your broken and faulty gadgets in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Just order on our website

We Pickup it up from your doorstep

We repair it

We deliver back to your doorstep.

Terser – What makes your business unique compared to other service providers?

RepairAm – Firstly, we are professionals and deliver a first class service. The Fact that we immediately pickup your devices from your work place or homes, get them repaired and delivered back to you in great condition.

I believe the combination of these factors is the USP of our business.

Terser – You’ve embarked on a mission to try and solve one of Africa’s big problems – negligence of gadget maintenance, how do you think this is achievable?

RepairAm – Yes, it is but it would take a while to get the whole population to adhere to it. But as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

It’s a deep-rooted problem, but we are positive about influencing changes in the culture, but this will be a  long-term approach.

Terser – What efforts do Nigerians need to make to ensure frequent maintenance of both public and personal gadgets?

RepairAm – We need to be more enlightened about basic and regular maintenance of gadgets. If this is done the need actual gadget repair is reduced.

People are often scared to tamper with their gadgets, or are not aware that maintenance can be done without really needing the services of professionals.

Terser – Can you take us through how people can benefit from your services?

RepairAm – It’s very easy; all they have to do is to go to our website, complete the form to replace your repair order and get the process started.

Terser – With reference to the competition in your market, how do you keep your business running successful and competitive?

RepairAm – Competition has been great. It keeps us on our toes. To stay successful and competitive we stay true to our values, goals and constantly improve our business model.

We have now been in business for a year, which is a great achievement and shows that we have a niche and competitive advantage in this market.

Terser – What have been some of the most valuable business lessons you’ve learnt during this experience?

RepairAm – No man is an Island; surround yourself with people that will add value to your Life. Bring onboard partners and workers that will also only add value to your business.

Money only solves a small percentage of your problems as a startup; so don’t use it as an excuse for not starting.RepairAm | Online Gadget Repair in Nigeria

Terser – Aside from, do you run any other businesses or have plans to do so?

RepairAm – Ayobami Co-own’s a Photography Company @ThePhotocentric –  Also, I have been involved in a project for a year now, which I don’t have a name for yet, but what I do is encourage young people to read through interesting fictional stories, poetry and other fun-filled reading materials.

I set this up because of my personal experiences growing up.  I didn’t always have a great relationship with books and reading, but certain touching moments made me assess my relationship with reading. I didn’t like reading anything until I started reading story blogs. Now I can easily read any material that comes my way.

Also, I have been involved in a project for a year now, which I don’t have name for yet, but what I do is encourage upcoming entrepreneurs like myself and use resources around me to help them start their own business.

Our first Graduate is DDavids Shoes – he makes lovely handmade male sandals and shoes. We just launched his brand a few months ago.

I wouldn’t call it an accelerator program, as we don’t give money and all. However, for Ddavids we did all his branding, photography and marketing without any initial payment from him.

It’s an exciting project and I hope it can expand to be bigger.

Terser – What have been some of the significant achievements/awards in the running of

RepairAm –
1) We won the “Creative Innovation Awards” this year in an Award
organised by Creative Industry ‎and British Council

2) Y!Tech100 – Nominated as a part of the 100 people that have changed the Tech Space

3) Coke A Billion Reason to Believe – chosen to be a part of the Coke Billion reason to believe, a campaign aimed at encouraging youth around the World and Africa to live their dream and believe in themselves.

Terser – Three years from now, where do you see

RepairAm – In three years time we aim to be a household name when it comes to gadget repair in Nigeria. We want RepairAm to be synonymous with gadget repair in Nigeria.

We would hope to have expanded to at least two more new cities as we are currently operating out of Lagos and Abuja.

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Twitter: @repairam

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