27 Insightful Ways to Promote Your Blog

If you reading this blog post I’m assuming you own a blog or are considering starting a blog, and you want to know where and how to promote your blog.

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your blog? Do you want to learn how to promote your blog and increase your web traffic?

If you didn’t know before you do now! Blogging is truly effective vehicle for sharing thoughts on day-to-day affairs. The practice is firmly established as a key componrnt to sharing content and becoming recognised as an expert or thought leader in your chosen area of expertise, which will inadvertently drive traffic to your blog.

It sounds easy and straightforward doesn’t it? Well it should be if you’re willing to spend time refining your skills and knowledge. However, blogging has its own misconceptions.

Promote Your Blog

Firstly, starting a blog isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

You may have laboured hard from dusk to dawn to create your extensively detailed and thoroughly researched blog post. But, in the absence of a promotion strategy, your blog will die a silent death. Yes, an online blog, needs vigorous campaigning on various platforms for the traffic that rises like a rocket.

Secondly, don’t expect an immediate windfall gains from blogging. It is a slow process and very few rake in big profits directly from their blogs, but by raising your profile through your blog you can benefit indirectly by snapping up offers for consultancy work, selling books or other material, online and offline training….the list is endless. To get to that level as a blogger you must build a loyal audience by implementing and using an extensive promotional strategy.

Blogging is done for various reasons, such as education, promote a business, entertainment and as a hobby.

Recently, I’ve seen a huge spike in the number of Nigerian entrepreneurs that have realised the positive benefits of ‘blogging’, and have committed huge resources to this form of content marketing in order to drive traffic to their websites.

Successful startups in Nigeria are creating success stories where blogging is playing a fundamental role in that success.

Through this blog post, I’ve detailed the 27 of the most actionable techniques that you can use today to promote your blog posts effectively, and significantly increase traffic to your website

Put these techniques in place now if you want your blog to rank high on google searches.

Promote Your Blog

27 Insightful Ways to Promote Your Blog

Social Media

Social media is the most obvious and go to pick.

The positive and negative is that everyone is using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn to promote their content. These networks are a must, but don’t be tempted to focus only on these five networks because they are popular.

You can gain a competitive advantage if you also share your content on smaller or less well-known networks.
Facebook: Creating a special page for the personal blog is an excellent way to kick-start the promotions. Placing relevant information on personal and professional pages can be an absolute delight. Ask your friends and family to like, share and comment.

Twitter: Explore the might of 140-characters to promote your blog on Twitter. A tweet carrying the blog title and a back link can drive oodles of traffic. Keep tweeting and schedule it on the platform for 3-4 times in a day. This can help in consuming the attention of Twitteraties.

LinkedIn: Touted as the most populated professional network, LinkedIn can do wonders for your blog. Share the blog details on the personal profile, place a back link, popularize it on the groups and use advertisements for quick circulation.

Pinterest: Anyone who knows what Pinterest is would support the view that it can drive overwhelming traffic to the blog. Create a separate board for effective marketing your blog and pin it on subjects that attracts maximum proportion of the audience.

Google+: Share your blogs with the first and sure readers – the contact list consisting friends and family. Then go public to create a larger audience base. The SEO benefits Google + offers are simply amazing.

Your Community, Contacts and Personal Network

One of the most effective ways to increase your content’s exposure is through email marketing campaigns.

Generally, consumers who have signed up to your mailing list have a certain level of interest and trust in your brand, ranging from a low-key curiosity to a loyal fan. As a result, delivering content that is relevant and engaging directly to consumers’ inboxes increases the likelihood of your content being opened, read and shared.

Those with an interest in your brand are more likely to click blog links, YouTube videos and more if this content is relevant to their interests.

This also applies to people who know you personally such as friends, family and acquaintances who can be conveniently drawn to your blog posts.

Use these channels and multiply your traffic easily through them.

Wisestamp: With the inclusion of social profiles and email signatures in one platform, Wisestamp can boost the blog traffic marvelously. Add your blog posts in email signatures and link it to social media accounts.

Email Newsletters: Get responses from the online community by sending mails to the contact list. A blogger can either paste the link or some of the content. Select your most impressive blogs to develop a dedicated audience.

Email Marketing: It is a widespread measure to get the feedback from the audience. Send an email to the contacts with details and links of your blog posts and ask for the reviews.

Forum Sharing: Pick up any of the groups, communities and forums with maximum user count and place the blog link.

RSS Feed: A web feed format where a blogger can direct traffic to the blog post by updating the information constantly. Anyone who signs up to get the information can see the blog.

Promote Your Blog

Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites have been around for over a decade. If used properly they can be an effective method of getting your blog content seen and shared. Bookmarking sites hold impressive power to increase the traffic on your blog.

The problem is that most businesses just don’t know how to use these sites to generate engagement.

To benefit from social bookmarking sites, you need to spend a few hours exploring the sites, and understand the culture and communities within the site.

StumbleUpon: A fantastic discovery agent that allows users to stumble upon the blogs as per their tastes and preferences. Create an account, inject the content and leave the rest to this engine.

Reddit: Introduce your blogs to Reddit.com as per the categories available and get the traffic meter escalating. With more numbers of qualified users on the platform, Reddit is a must-to-have.

Digg: Intelligent and trendy, Digg selects the user-worthy, readable stories and put them in front of digital audience. If your blog receives good hits, it appears on the front page which is expected to bring in plentiful traffic.

Delicious: A leading bookmarking site, Delicious helps readers to find the relevant and best of the web content. Attach your blog and help the community to find it.

BizSugar: ‘Sugars’ are the reward points. The more sugary it gets, the more beneficial it becomes. New bloggers can try their luck on BizSugar. If your blog gets ‘hot’, it jumps to the first page, giving more reasons to celebrate.

Flipboard: For those who wish to showcase their content in magazine-style. Create inspiring layouts using your blog content and garner interesting responses from all the quarters. Flipboard is more riveting as compared to other bookmarking sites.

External Measures

Grow the traffic by participating in other bloggers’ networks and making you present felt anywhere and everywhere. This truly helps and will propel your personal brand, enabling you to be recognised as an expert and thought leader in your chose sector.

Comment: Choose those blogs with heavy user turnout and comment while placing your own blog link.

Guest Posting: Give a push to your readership by submitting your work as a ‘guest post’ to those blogs or articles, which are already high on the search engines.

Seek Bloggers’ Help: Seek assistance from professional bloggers to augment the traffic. Ask them to place your blog link on their successful blogs.

Reprint: Republish your blog material, time and again, to other blogs which are doing well.

Blogging Community: Join a blogging community and place the blog links to generate enormous traffic. Develop a few close links and familiarity.

Promote Your Blog

Content Syndication

Content syndication allows third-party sites to publish your content, as either full content, snippets, thumbnails or links.

Content syndication can benefit a blogger or business site in a great way. It allows your name to be ranked alongside your contemporaries, and the publicity can generate increased traffic to your site.

The trick is to select your best content to syndicate. Spread the content to numerous platforms and watch the traffic go insanely higher.

IFTTT: With extensions to over 50 different websites, IFTTT allows users to steer traffic from various platforms, such as Gmail, Facebook and Instagram.

Amazon: Amazon hosts Kindle Publishing Service, where bloggers can add the blog posts and make money when kindles read their work.

BlogCatalog: Get connected to other famous names in the blogging industry and share your posts.

Outbrain: A service that syndicates your blogs to well-received and renowned online platforms, such as CNN.

Alltop: A wide-ranging syndication service that disseminates your blog entries to several networks, from foods to medical, from sports to entertainment.

NetworkedBlogs: A well-linked syndicate service to Facebook, it makes your blog discoverable and brings tons of traffic.

Now you have a good introduction to tried and tested methods to promote your blog, and how you can use them to drive traffic to your blog. Your business could benefit from adding them to your blog marketing strategy. Check them out, use these practical guidelines, monitor your results, and assess the ROI benefits for your business.

What do you think? Have you used these sites for your blog? What successes have you had? What tips can you offer? Do you think these methods would be of vaue to your blog?

Don’t delay and use these methods today! Now go and rule! Promote your blog effectively and watch the traffic increase.

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