5 Highly Effective Ways To Motivate Employees

As humans we are all uniquely wired, which is what marks our individuality.

As managers or business owners, we must understand this and recognise that there are numerous effective ways to motivate employees, which positively triggers an increase in personal productivity that can ultimately translate to company profitability.

Undeniably, Profit and growth are the main drivers of every business, but this becomes unachievable without a motivated and committed team. If your team isn’t in the right mindset, achieving your performance goals can become impossible.

One thing that I’ve learned during my entrepreneurial journey is that you can’t achieve success alone; the success of your business is closely tied to the performance of your employees. You’ve got to work as a team, and move like a coordinated unit if you want to become highly distinguished in your chosen field and rise above your competitors.

With the right team and motivation, you’ll not only increase profits, you’ll also have fun doing it.

Motivating your employees is not rocket science nor will it require huge finance, you just need to be human and understand what makes each person in your company tick.

Some people are motivated by money, some by happiness, others relish the opportunity to develop and grow, the potential of promotion makes some people tick, or it could be a simple gesture for recognizing their hard work.

A little gesture like smiling to an employee can be enough to keep them driven and fired up for the rest of the week.

In this blog post I’m going to reveal 5 highly effective ways to motivate employees, they are so effective that they will even motivate difficult employees.

These suggestions will provide simple solutions that will have profound and long lasting effects on your business if implemented correctly.

motivate employees

5 Highly Effective Ways To Motivate Employees


There is no doubt that our environment influences our mood and that’s why you must pay huge attention to it.

No matter how functional and fast your business facilities are it won’t make a significant difference if the work environment is nothing to write home about.

Businesses will go to great lengths to get the very best out of their employees. Some are happy to offer money, cars and lavish gifts in exchange for loyalty and productivity, while others prefer to apply some more creative thinking to the formula.

With this in mind,

How conducive is your work environment? Is the environment calm enough to inspire your employees? Can it really tune them to the right mindset?

Recently, I bought a flower with a vase to keep me inspired while working. At first you might think this sounds strange, but let me explain the reason behind this. Basically, the scent and sight of the fresh flower and vase is enough to relax and rejuvenate my energy levels. As a direct result of this I increased energy levels, and could give more to my work.

Recent research has shown that most of us are more productive when closer to nature.

Find out what positively stimulates you and your staff.

Once you do, you need to ignite that spark and bring it into the work environment. This is one of the awesome ways that you can motivate employees and increase productivity.

motivate employees


Apart from their monthly paycheck, you can occasionally boost the morale of your workers by rewarding their hard work every now and then.

Remember, you can motivate employees without money incentives, rewards don’t always have to involve money; you can find creative and fun ways to motivate employees. Most importantly the gesture must be genuine.

It could be giving them a free day, taking them to a picnic retreat in a scenic local location, lunch with the boss or team, ‘Thank you’ meeting, certificate of achievement, recognition in front of peers, hand-written note, work from home day or praise from a customer.

Rewarding employees will make them feel more appreciated and invested in the company, resulting in them being prepared to go that extra mile to achieve the organizational goals.

A wise man once said, “a penny reward can give you a million dollar return.” From personal experience I believe that this is one of the most effective ways to motivate your employees into delivering more for the business.


I have seen lots of entrepreneurs and business owners who walk around their organization with shoulders higher than their neck, rarely acknowledging or engaging in any form of discussion with employees.

Any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to reach the top of their industry must learn to be humble with their employees, and also develop a good working relationship that is built on mutual respect.

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to achieve this. This can be achieved by just being a decent human being.

You can use simple gestures such as greeting employees in the morning, thanking them at the end of the day for their hard work, remembering their birthdays and wishing them a happy birthday, remembering the names of their immediate family members and asking how they are doing.

This will make your employees feel personally connected to you. They will start to buy in to your vision as a person and a friend, and not just someone that they happen to work for. Again, they will be more willing to go the extra mile into helping you achieve your goals, as they also become their goals.

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Irrespective of the fact that there are chains of authority in every organization, you shouldn’t treat any of your employees higher or lower than the other.

Doing this creates division, which also demotivates them. Such acts can create a toxic work environment where some will become reluctant to engage with other, and are actively obstructive with their peers.

In extreme cases I’ve seem colleagues become so obstructive to the point that they have singlehandedly sabotaged a group project.

No doubt that the obstructive employee should shoulder a lot of the blame, but I believe that the toxic work culture was the catalyst, and it allowed this type of behaviour to exist and thrive.

To avoid this type of situation you should ensure that you make everyone feel valued and heard within the organisation.


If you really want to motivate your employees into delivering more to the business, then you need to work on your facilities.

A faulty device that does nothing but frustrate its user should be trashed. No matter how high-spirited your employees are, if the tools that facilitate production aren’t in the right condition, chances are that difference won’t be made.

Frustration will quickly start to creep in, and if not quickly addressed that frustration will quickly change to anger, and then anger will be replaced by apathy.

I’m not saying that you should go out and buy the latest high spec gizmos, but what I’m saying is that you should ensure that the facilities that you do have are in the right working condition.

motivate employees


Motivating your employees into giving more to the business isn’t hard maths. It’s something that can be easily done by implementing these methods of motivating employees in an organisation.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re a leader and one of the qualities you must posses is being able to motivate your team into sharing and achieving a common a goal. The journey to achieving those goals can be made smoother and faster by creating the right working environment.

What are your thoughts on these 5 highly effective ways to motivate employees? Do you agree? Please share your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

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