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Welcome to My Naija Naira!

It is great to see you here, and welcome to the My Naija Naira community.

You have landed at the right place if:

  • » You wish to start a lucrative business in Africa.
  • » You want to do business with Africa.
  • » You are stressed with how to begin your business.
  • » You have wasted a lot of time, money and effort and are still struggling.
  • » You know you have the passion and talent but can’t plan the right circumstances for your business.

I can be the solution of all your business problems.

Who Am I?

I am Terser Adamu, a business consultant and strategy mentor for all the counselling and advice you need to make a difference in your life and others too through your business.

I provide information and advice that will empower you to build a successful and sustainable business. I provide business management assistance that will help you generate more wealth, and help you touch the lives of others by enriching their existence through your innovative market offers.

I am native Nigerian and spent my early years in Africa. However, as a child I moved to the United Kingdom, where I received my education, and achieved a wide array of qualifications and work experiences in a multitude of fields. I am a Natural Science graduate from Liverpool’s John Moores University.

I have the privilege of boasting about a strong record of success throughout my professional career, be it academics or professionalism. Working hard always pays off and it holds true for me too. This is clearly evident from my early years of working in the music industry as a DJ. Gradually I rose through the ranks to become a widely recognised and regarded event promoter, and worked my way to become the General Manager of Liverpool Music Week. My team under the umbrella of my leadership played a pivotal role in bringing the 2008 MTV European Music Awards to the city of Liverpool.

After an extremely successful spell in the music industry, I realised my social and civil responsibility and moved towards Community Welfare. During this period I worked in Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) and European Union funded contracts. I was appointed as a Lead for Supply Chain and Partnership for Black and Minority Ethnic group (BME) in the North-West of England. My passion and commitment to quality and community service led to me sitting on the board for numerous associated organiaations. My growing reputation within this industry allowed me to influence BME welfare and employment policies within DWP and Liverpool City Council.

During that time, I also achieved an advanced diploma in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and became an active member of the internationally recognised Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

This opened up an opportunity for me to work for Airbus – the largest airplane manufacturers in the world. There, I was part of the Supply Chain Management team that mapped out the supply chain route and processes for new product development of the XWB A350 aircraft. Being part of this globally influencing team, it added another feather to my cap, as this aircraft became one of the biggest engineering and aircraft manufacturing projects in recent years.

How Did I Become Involved In African Business?

Belonging to a business-oriented family, throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. I believe this entrepreneurship mentality rubbed off on me. Unknowingly, I was nurtured to be an observant and analytical person with business orientation firmly rooted in my personality. I have spent most of my life in the UK and learned a great deal about how businesses and organisations work.

In 2003 I visited Nigeria and extended my stay due to a tragic family incident. Here, I involved myself in observing the African ways of life and it was like a new world opening up to me. I realised that when it came to business, Nigerians and other fellow Africans had very different experiences than what I had seen in the UK.

In Nigeria, I found that the challenges faced by African entrepreneurs were far more unforgiving than anywhere else in the world. I have friends and distant family members all across Africa running and managing businesses and it provided me a opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in Africa.

Through this experience I realised that, though tainted with misunderstanding, Africa has the potential to be the greatest landmark on the globe being rich in all the ways possible. Be it natural resources or human resource, Africa holds great potential and offers promising opportunities if taken advantage of in the best possible way.

This triggered my passion to help and guide my acquaintances and supporting them to take advantage of the opportunities lying right in front of their eyes. I learned precious and steadfast wisdom of what does and does not work for entrepreneurs in Africa. Despite my return back to the UK, I continued providing consultancy to a small client base in Africa including my friends, family and acquaintances. Increased penetration of technology complimented my efforts and allowed me to stay in contact with them through, email, Skype, phone and whatever methods of communication were available.

Through the years, I kept on visiting Africa whenever and wherever required by my clients, and helped them find solutions to their frustrating business problems and help them achieve what they had been dreaming of.

I can safely claim that I have had a very colorful and successful career with experiences in multiple industries, including entrepreneurial activities such as the award winning events and media company Speakerbox, welfare guidance and lately business consultancy.

Nonetheless, last year, an idea struck me. I decided to pen down all my experiences and share it with those in need of my assistance.  This was the beginning of www.MyNaijaNaira.com a platform where I share a vast pool of information, tips, guidance and market intelligence on investment on African agriculture and technology. This pool of valuable resource is available for anyone who wants to benefit from it. This blog has helped me to reach farther parts of Africa generating more information and ideas from all across the continent.

In order to take things further, I also became a certified practitioner in Digital and Social Media Marketing and online Reputation Management. Since then, I have managed to organize a database that includes more than two thousand subscribers benefiting from the precious information presented by me and guest bloggers through the blog portal and consultancy service

Like any successful entrepreneur, now, I have realized that it’s time for me to take things all the way to a new level. Upcoming would be a series of books and how-to guides, in addition to blog articles, that would help supplement the ways my subscribers are benefiting and maintaining business sustainability and success.

If you think I can be of some use to you, assist you or guide you in anyway, I am just a click away. You can contact me through different portals mentioned below.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful business!

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