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Nigerian Startups: 7 Sources of Finance for Nigerian Business

Launching a new business in Africa is a huge challenge at the best of times, and can be an even greater challenge if finances are lacking. So I’m eager to explore the sources of finance available

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How to Do a Feasibility Study

What is a feasibility study? A feasibility study analysis the viability of a business idea by using a disciplined, and documented process, which looks at the idea from its logical beginning to its logical end.

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Create Simple Payment Solutions for African Businesses – LipaPlus

Name: George Ndeeri Name of Company: LipaPlus Country: Kenya Ever had that moment when your customer wants to pay using their card but can't because you 'only take cash'? If so, you must be wondering

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Top 25 Tools for Building a Profitable Online Business

There are all kinds of tools to help the online entrepreneur build and maintain a healthy and profitable online business. Some tools are “mechanical” in that they are hardware or software-based. Other tools are less

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African Leaders of Distinction are Key to the Continents Future

With Africa at one of the most pivotal times in her history, it is critical Africa’s youth are taught, coached and equipped on what leadership is and why it is critical to become a leader

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How to Import goods from China to Nigeria and Make Millions

The first successful businesses that I ran was an online eBay store selling sports clothes. You might be wondering how was it so successful because everyone sells sports clothing online. The business was so successful

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